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How to own a sports betting website or how to become a bookmaker (updated)

Sports betting “soccer, tennis, basket ball, Ice hockey, etc” is a money bank industry growing with the speed of light in the society. Every youth in the society want to get rich fast without doing any job, therefore resulting to various types of gambling.

Sports betting business is an investment without a loss when you are a bookmaker (website owner) if you play your cards very well. The profit in this business is so much that you recover your entire expresses & capital in less than a year. The success & failure of this business depends on your software developer.

There are various factors to consider before venturing into the business of owning a betting website or in other hand becoming a bookmaker.

  1. Finance: This is the first important factor to consider before venturing into the business of owning a betting site. For beginners, you need to set aside at least 250,000 Euros for the project. In other not go into deficit at early stage, the said reserve will be used for your company head office, payment of salaries, equipments, software development as well as payment of initial recorded winnings. You also have to be very careful not to set your maximum winnings to be too high so you don’t run into deficit quickly.
  2. Sportsbook Software Provider: This is the most important factor to consider before venturing into the business of owning an online/shop sports betting site or becoming a bookmaker. Apart from finance, this factor actually determines your success or failure in this industry.

The choice of a software developer should be tailored around your total capital investment. Do not go for sportbook software development that is way beyond your total budget for this industry.

 Also note that your target market has a role to play in the type of software development you should invest on.

Another fact to consider in choice of sportbook software providers is their commission profile between you, the bookmaker/site owner and the sportsbook software provider. Also to consider is the site features being offered by software developer and finally the mobile version.

Here are list of top to recommend software provider and their setup cost.

  1. Justnetnv: (Setup cost 10, 000 Dollars). This sportbook software developer one of the most affordable with lots of advance and dynamic features that suits all Countries. Integration is fast and management is very easy. They make use of the latest technologies in world including affiliate system. This sportbook software developer is highly recommended for beginners.
  2. AR management: (Setup cost 10, 000 Dollars). This is another great sportbook software developer that is very similar to Justnetnv but lack certain dynamic features such as cashout and cut one etc as at the time this article was compiled.
  3. SB Tech: (setup cost 50, 000 Euros) This software developer is expensive but also worth the setup cost. Their platform is one of the best.
  4. Isolution: (setup cost 20, 000 Euros) They also have a dynamic software
  5. Sb-betting (Setup cost 35, 000 Euros) Their software is expensive but its designed I such a way that you can integrate any third party application and works perfectly well.
  6. Bookie: (Setup cost 10, 000 Euros). This software developer is one of the few developer that have clients success in consideration while developing its software
  7. Sirplay: (setup cost 15, 000 Euros) This is one f the upcoming sportbook software developer in the gambling industry. Their software is flexible.

  1. Marketing: this is another factor to consider while venturing into ownership of a betting site you have to first determine your targeted audience as well as various ways of reaching your targeted audience eg social media, satellite, radio etc

Your company head office as well as bet shop and online/offline agent also falls into this category.

For more information on setting up a betting site, call/whatsapp/Wechat me on +2348038302459 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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