How to become a successful agent in the betting or gambling industry in Nigeria with Sports betting and virtual games such as Virtual soccer, dog and horse racing etc.

Sports Betting

We have many betting companies in Nigeria such as Nairabet, bet9ja, 1960bet etc as well as many agents attached to these companies but, not all the agents are successful. Some agents can’t even pay their bills not to talk of paying their staffs. Some owe the companies they work for couple with some touts pretending to be revenue collector from government agencies. This fact and many other factors seam to make agent unsuccessful with betting /gambling business.

What to look out for before starting a betting shop

Most betting / gambling companies in Nigeria today has proximity rules guiding the firm. Before start up a betting / gambling shop, first and foremost you need to take a survey of all the existing betting companies around the located where you want to start your own betting business as this will go a long way In helping you make a choice of which betting company register or sign up with. I will be list some reputable betting/ gambling companies you can choose from in this article later.

Which betting company do you register with after your lookout or research?

This is where 80% of existing and upcoming agents gets it wrong. All most all upcoming agents’ wants to go for bet9ja probably because of the love customers have for the company. Am not saying that Bet9ja is not good, in fact after your research in your location and there is no Bet9ja in that particular location, the best company to go for at that particular time is Bet9ja. When there is Bet9ja existing in that location, Bet9ja as a company will not approve you as a new agent in that same location except it’s up to 15 -20 mins walk. When you have looked out or researched on your environment knowing the existing and non existing companies around, what do you do next? 

This is the most important aspect in choose or selecting which company to go for. Here are list of some reputable companies that have stand the taste of time.

Bet365naija offers 15% on turnover or 35% - 45% on net profit weekly. Reg fee: 20 – 70k

Nairabet offers 35% to 50% on net profit weekly/monthly. Reg fee: 10 – 30K

Bet9ja offers 2% to 20% on turnover depending on number of accumulation on a bet slip weekly. Reg fee: 50 to 70k

Merrybet offers 35% to 50% on net profit weekly/monthly. Reg fee 10 – 30k

Surebet247 offers 35% on net profit weekly. Reg fee: 30 – 50k

Winnersgoldenbet offers 15% on turnover weekly. Reg fee: 45 – 100k

Skybetnaija offers 35% to 45% weekly on net profit

Supabets offers 35% weekly on net profit

1960bet offers 35% to 40% weekly on net profit

There are so many betting companies in Nigeria today in fact in my list I have about 55 betting companies in Nigeria. Some has folded some are existing and some are not paying while others are paying very well. You can click here to see the list of betting companies in Nigeria. Please note, For the sake of this article, I will be making use of only the above mentioned reason is that they have all been tested and are paying very well. Some of them might have had difficult times in the past but they are all paying.

Let’s move on!

We shall be dealing on Sports and Virtual games.

Choosing or Selecting a sports betting company in Nigeria

All the above mentioned betting companies have virtual games please note that. If you want a company that offers the same commission structure on sports like Bet9ja and bet9ja already exists there, then go for Bet365naija or winnersgoldenbet as this two companies commission on sports is better than what bet9ja is offering. They offer you 15% on turnover / total sales weekly while bet9ja offers you between 2% - 20% depending on the number of accumulation on a betslip but Winnersgoldenbet and Bet365naija is 15% flat on your total sales or turnover. Apart from winnersgoldenbet and Bet365naija, every other above mentioned sports betting companies commission is based on net profit weekly this means that you only get commission only when you make profit and when there is no profit you make nothing but the company will take care of the loss difference. Don’t be scared as punters or stakers hardly win you will still be making god profit. Let me break it down. When I say your commission is based on net profit, I mean this, If for example your total sales for the week is 100, 000 and your total winning is 60, 000 your net profit will be 100,000 – 60, 000 = 40, 000 so your commission will be based on the 40, 000. Which means if for example you are on 35% weekly, you commission will be 0.35 x 40, 000 = 14 000. So your commission that week is N14, 000 and you have to send N26, 000 back to the company. Hope it is understood. Now let’s get back to choosing our betting companies. Factors to consider in choosing a company includes speed of payout, odds and bonus. So you have to compare the odds and bonus of the above mentioned companies before making a choice noting that odds and bonus changes. The fastest paying among these companies is Bet365naija other takes 24 – 48hrs before paying while that of bet9ja minimum withdrawal is N50, 000 and it also takes 24 – 48 hours to get it to your bank account.

Finally choose any of the above companies after your research that is not existing in that particular location, this means that if bet9ja is in that location and there is no winnersgoldenbet, choose winnersgoldenbet or if Nairabet is there and you don’t have bet9ja, choose bet9ja depending on the type of commission you want as mentioned. If you have Nairabet, bet9ja, winnersgoldenbet and 1960bet then choose Bet365naija. Just lookout for a particular company among the once mention above that is not there and pick that one. In other of ranking bet365naija, winnersgoldenbet, bet9ja, merrybet, nairabet, 1960bet, surebet247 and supabets. That is it on choosing a sports betting company. Let’s talk about virtual games.

Virtuals games

Virtual games include virtual soccer, dog and horse race, super dice, 49ja, lucky6, keno, fortuna etc. Do you know it is more profitable running a complete virtual game shop than running sports betting? The answer is yes! 

We all that are existing agents known that what is trending in Nigeria now is virtual games in particular, virtual soccer. This is because the payments are instant. So any betting shop without virtual games especially virtual soccer is not complete. It does’nt really matter the betting company you choose or you are working with currently, what matters is the virtual game. Statistics have shown that virtual games can boost your betting shop to about 85% so you see you can do without virtual games. Almost every betting company in Nigeria today has virtual soccer so all you need to know if you are an existing agent is to request for 1 from your company.

There are 2 types of virtual games, the once that makes use of internet connection to display on tv and the once that makes use of satellite. When you want to include virtual game or virtual soccer in your betting shop, I recommend the one that uses satellite as this will prevent you from spending so much money on data. They are very few companies in Nigeria that have the satellite versions. I want you to note that all virtual games in Nigeria are developed by goldenrace / vsoft so they are all the same no much difference. Below are some of the companies in Nigeria with satellite versions

Goldbet  offers 40% on net profit. Displays premier league. Reg fee: 20k. To register with Goldbet call me on 08038302459

Bet9ja  offers 2-6% on turnover or total sales depending on number of accumulation on betslip. Displays premier league. Reg fee: together with sports 50K

Nairabet  offers 35% on net profit. Displays premier league. Reg fee: 30k

Winnersgoldenbet offers 10% on turnover. Displays premier league. Reg fee: 75k

Supabets offers 35% on net profit. Displays premier league. Reg fee: 30k

Surebet247 offers 35% on net profit. Displays premier league. Reg fee: 30k

Parknbet offers 35% on net profit. Displays champions league. Reg fee: 20k

You can still verify this from there official websites as this might be changing at any time.

You can register with any of the above mentioned company on virtual and start smiling to the bank.

Professional tips to abide to in your bet shop in other to be successful.

  1. Try never to stake or place personal bets in your bet shop as this will send you back to your village in no time especially on virtual soccer. But in general try not to place personal bets with company’s money. If you must play, pay but it’s not recommended at all.
  2. Always run your account daily as this will help you decode when something is wrong with you or your staff or the company you are registered with.
  3. Pay your money daily at the bank before 4pm as this will reduce cash in the shop to reduce or prevent criminals
  4. Always run your shop expenses from your personal money or your pocket as this will enable you see your profit at the end of the week or month
  5. Try and install solar electricity as this will reduce the cost of fuel consumption.

I will you success in your business.

Thank you for taking your time to study this article. From me signing out is Christopher Okwuokei. You can beep me on 08038302459 for consultation.